About KCodes

2019-KCodes launched Wi-Fi Bridge solutions
2018-KCodes launched USB2.0 USB extender solutions
2017-KCodes launched USB3.0 device server solutions
2017-KCodes obtained Apple MFi Delveloper certificaion
2016-KCodes launched Wireless IoT solutions for Tuner Module
2015-KCodes launched Wi-Fi Docking SW solutions"
2013-KCodes launched Video Streaming and WiFi scanning solutions
2012-KCodes launched Audio Streaming solution
2010-KCodes started shipping out NIC (Network Interface Card) to POS printer makers
2010-KCodes obtained ISO9001 certificaion
2009-KCodes licensed over 800K units S/W to Router/ NAS products
2008-KCodes started developing USB Over IP/MFP Server Software License business in November
2005-KCodes started to ship MFP Server and become the first MFP server provider in Taiwan
2003-KCodes started to development of USB over IP/ MFP Server in October
2001-KCodes was funded in June 2001, and started to development of ARM-7 ased platform in December